Legends Of The Shackles

The Buzzard's Bounty

They say not even the privateers of Rahadoum could keep the wily Captain Rorenet from hiding his plunder—no mean feat after those privateers sank the Blue Buzzard near Tempest Cay. Divers never found the Buzzard’s booty, but legends tell that the giant clams of the Cay sometimes open to reveal more than just pearls.

Fisherman's Folly

Taproom tales never seem quite sure, but Chiminnie Ebbs either loved a mermaid or hated mermen so much that he saved for 20 years to have a wizard craft him a suit of armor that would allow him to walk beneath the waves. Ebbs walked into the waters of Drenchport one day and never came back. No one’s ever cared enough to miss Ebbs, but if it worked, that armor sure would be something special.

The Lost Messenger

Although he started as a Taldan jeweler, Liat Murks eventually made a name for himself among the crew of the Deprived, who claimed the scrawny man could fix anything. By night he endlessly tinkered, eventually creating a shiny silver toucan of springs and cogs. One morning he loaded the metal bird with a rescue plea and set it loose. But so convincing was the device — even to itself — that it flew into the jungles near Mgange Cove and was never seen again.

The Skeleton Ball Gown

On the new moon of Neth, wealthy citizens of Port Peril hold an elaborate festival in which they dress up in their best finery and disguise themselves as skeletons. Chosen each year, the Skeleton Queen is bequeathed an expensive glamered ball gown and the honor of naming next year’s Skeleton Queen.

The Howling Urn

Grinning Jalad, a strange vanara pirate known for his jokes as much as for his courage, sailed into the Shackles with a hold full of plunder, eager to trade it all for a lost relic called the Howling Urn. He was tightlipped about why the urn was so valuable to him, but immediately sailed off to Raugsmauda’s Reach following a lead, and none have seen him since.

As Above, So Below

The seas of the world are the domain of the red.  

The seas of the sky are the domain of the green.

Change For The Better

Disguising a ship by changing its lines, profiles, and paint is called "squibbing".  If you need to get your ship squibbed, you could do worse than Rickety's Squibs on the Slithering Coast.

Luck Favors The Aware

"Good fortune and sure sail await what one can crack the Tidewater Rock."  This old saying refers to a small castle commanding a protected harbor on Tidewater, south of Motaku Isle.  It's an excellent strategic watch point.  The last master of the Rock, "Iron Bert" Smythee, went to sea with his fleet in a feud with Captain Carola Antiochus, and was ambushed near the Eye of Abendego by Antiochus' ally, Captain Harrigan.


Legends Of The Shackles

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